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Eyewear Fiber Laser Weldling Machine

This model is base on technology of automatic laser welding machine,which increase Z axis ,its specialized for welding eyeglasses frame ,the Z axis will fixed the eyeglasses frame and let it welding automatic by CNC control system ,High speed welding ,automatic control,precision working, mass produce will help you save more time

The working principle is to generate high temperature by continuous pulse laser focusing, melt stainless steel material or titanium alloy, equipped with professional computer software automation system to realize integral one-time welding, adopt LCD full touch display, intelligently control the working current of the machine, repeat Frequency, pulse width and spot diameter, etc., the welding spot is more round and good quality

 High welding speed

 Compared with the high-frequency welding machine, our machine the processing speed is faster, the thermal deformation and the heat-affected zone are smaller, and the frame does not become soft  or deformed after the welding is completed.

② Deep fusion welding

Welding spot is circle and beautiful, the surface is smooth, and the welding penetration is extremely strong.




Tel: +86 755 2322 1481

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